How I feed my skin AND my family for £40 per week with HelloFresh

Hi Gorgeous Doll

OK, so this is a little off topic for me but oh so important!

One thing I get asked about a lot is if our diet effects our skin. The simple answer is ABSOLUTELY! "We are what we eat" could not be more true when it comes to our complexion. From effecting the amount of oil we produce, to how we maintain our collagen levels and even preventing sunburn.

The truth is, I work ridiculous hours so my idea of doing a food shop was calling into the local Tesco express and grabbing a chicken breast, some stir fry veg and the same sauce we’ve had twice already that week, throwing it all in a pan and calling myself a Stepford wife. Dull!

When I’m not feeling the dreaded food shop, I’d pop on the JustEat app and order something that not only gives me huge “mum guilt” but also shows in my skin the next day.

Ensuring we have a balanced diet is crucial to skin health, it feeds our skin cells with vital antioxidants that fight free radical damage. Free radicals are one of the main causes of ageing and we are constantly exposed to them from pollution, sun exposure and cigarette smoke. In terms of acne causing foods, high sugar or foods with a high glycaemic index are the culprits. Anything from fizzy drinks, sweets, bread, white pasta and dairy cause havoc with our oil production.

Then something magical happened that solved all my problems! I was having my usual moan about not knowing what to cook for dinner and one of my fabulous clients ( thank you Sarah) told me about a company called HelloFresh. How it works is literally life changing!

Each week you get given a variety of meals to choose from (usually 18) and select your faves. They have so many options from how many people you need to feed, how many days you want, vegetarian, family friendly, low calorie and speedy options that you can throw together in under 20 mins. You choose your meals and preferred delivery day and DA’DAH….delivered to your door!

Now this is so different from using the delivery service from your local supermarket because everything and I mean EVERYTHING is included. From the meat and vegetables to little knobs of butter and all of your herbs and spices. Every ingredient you need to make the dish is there all perfectly packed in a numbered brown paper bag along with clear and easy to follow instructions.

I personally choose the option for 2 people over 5 days and that easily feeds myself, my partner and our little girl. For once, I actually look forward to cooking, no mum guilt because we’re all getting our veggies and my skin loves me for it. Plus is costs us around £40 per week, BARGAIN! I do admit though, the JustEat app hasn't been deleted yet as I point blank refuse to cook on Friday's and Saturday's.

Little tip….the roast dinners are on another level. HelloFresh do charge a small supplement for these meals but they are a real treat that we all look forward to. If you do decide to try it, let me know what you think!

Lots of Love

Ashley xoxo


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