How spearmint tea can clear your acne by 51%

As a skin therapist, I find one of the most difficult skin concerns to clear is hormonal acne. So let’s start with what exactly causes hormonal acne…YEP, you guessed it….our hormones. 10 points for you baby cakes!!

The most common acne causing hormone is testosterone which is present in both males and females and can cause an increase in sebum production. Increased sebum production basically means your skin becomes more oily, resulting in blocked pores and eventually leading to breakouts. Testosterone levels peak in females during our mensural cycle which is why it tends to be the worse time for breakouts.

How does Spearmint Help?

Spearmint has an anti-androgenic effect which means in reduces testosterone level, leading to a reduction in sebum production, meaning bye bye breakouts hun!

This isn’t some hippie chick or diet fad, the benefits of clearing acne by drinking spearmint tea is backed by science. Dr Thornfeldt, the founder of skin care brand Epionce swears by drinking 2 cups of spearmint tea per day to drastically reduce acne.

A study carried out in 2015 by the American Academy of Dermatology found that 2 cups of organic spearmint tea drank daily, reduced acne lesions by up to 25%. After 3 months, acne lesions had reduced by around 51% with no side effects.

We have all heard of a little cup of peppermint tea to cure an upset tummy (thanks nan), so mint tea is obvs no secret. Spearmint however, is found to be the most potent of the mints in killing skin disease causing bacteria and yeasts. Another major benefit is that it boasts the highest anti-inflammatory properties out of all the mint varieties.

My personal fave is the Traditional Medicinals Organic Spearmint, from, but there are loads to choose from on amazon.

What are you waiting for? Get the kettle on doll!



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