The Overnight Breakout Buster

When I was pregnant with my little girl, I obviously wanted the best of everything for her. I was in the baby products aisle of Boots picking up all my essentials and instinctively grabbed for a big tub of Sudocrem. Sudocrem is probably the most used nappy cream in the UK so I just assumed it would be the best. Enters my mum…. “Noooo, get Metanium, it’s on another level better than Sudocrem” she said in her usual sassy voice. Metanium it was!

It was a few months later that I actually found out how amazing it is. The day arrived when my little bundle of joy had her first episode of nappy rash, I slathered her little bum Metanium and the next day, the rash had gone. COMPLETELY!! (I promise this will lead to skin care and not baby talk)

It got me wondering if it could be as effective on my breakouts as at the time I was still really struggling with cystic acne. I had tried Sudocrem in the past, I mean who hasn’t?? But, it had never worked and had sometimes even made my breakouts worse.

That night I covered my face in this magic yellow “bum” cream and hoped for the best. I rushed to the mirror the next morning and literally could not believe my eyes. All redness and inflammation had basically gone and the big angry cysts had dramatically reduced in size. Since that day, anytime my skin is sore, angry, inflamed, even sunburnt, I reach for this little secret weapon to solve my problems

So why is Metanium better than Sudocrem? My research suggests that the biggest difference is the key ingredient:

Metanium – Titanium Dioxide

Sudocrem - Zinc Oxide

Both are considered excellent UVA/UVB protectors, however, the nano-sized molecules of Titanium Dioxide are more easily absorbed by the skin which could make it more effective as well as being a lot less likely to clog pores.

I usually buy mine from my local supermarket or chemist and it costs around £3

CAUTION – Overuse will dry out your skin. The formula is yellow and may stain your pillowcase

P.S – Send me your before and after pics if you try this please Doll!!

Have a fabulous weekend

Love Ashley xoxo


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