Take away the visible effects of late nights and early mornings with our natural Jade Face and Neck Roller. The beautifully designed roller massages the skin and underlying muscles to help stimulate lymph drainage.


The rolling motion boosts the elimination and reduction of accumulated toxins beneath the skin, giving you a fresh look as it battles persistent wrinkles and fine lines.


Soothe your post work stress and elevate your evening skin care routine.


How to use 


We recommend to use a small amount of cream or serum with the roller at the end of a long day - see our suggestions in the "Goes With" section!


Starting at the chin, use broad, long strokes horizontally to the hairline - you should apply slight pressure but not so that it is "pulling" your skin.


Then, from the nose, pull away to the ear - helping the skin under the eyes.

Moving up, use the small end of the roller around the corner of the eye, rolling to the temples.


Last up, place the roller above the eyebrow and push up towards the hairline, getting at those stubborn lines! You can also finish by rolling horizontally from the middle of the forehead out towards the temples.


Goes with - Doll Skin Pro Glow Serum

Natural Jade Facial Massager


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