skin specialist course

The skin specialist course is ideal for beginners who are looking to start a career in the beauty industry and offer the most popular and effective treatments to their clients.

This is a one day course with 1:1 training by a skin therapist. The first part of the course is the theory section, covering anatomy and physiology of the face and neck, skin types and conditions, contraindications, health and safety and treatment protocols and benefits.

You will receive THREE certificates with this course:

Facial Training - This course will include a full facial routine including steam and extraction, masking, facial massage, LED light therapy and creating a relaxing atmosphere for your client.


Microneedling - This course will teach you how to carry out microneedling treatments using a manual roller on the face and body to treat many skin concerns such as acne scarring, fine line and wrinkles and stretch marks and scars on the body.

BB Glow MTS - This is the latest treatment that has taken the beauty world by storm. This part of the course will teach you how to use a microneedling pen device and the benefits of the BB serum which can give your client the effect of wearing a bb cream. You can charge upwards of £100 per hour treatment so is an excellent income stream. 

All skin specialist students will have WhatsApp support with their trainer following their course.


The Skin Specialist Kit includes:

  • Hydrating Cleasner 

  • Hydrating Toner

  • Hydrating Exfoliator

  • Hydrating Moisturiser

  • Hydrating Mask

  • Reblancing Cleanser 

  • Rebalancing Toner

  • Rebalancing Exfoliator

  • Rebalancing Mask

  • Rebalancing Moisturiser

  • Microneedling Pen Device + cartridges

Course cost -


£700 inc kit

£600 without kit

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